Monday, September 28, 2020

Veterans Affairs active COVID-19 cases fell for two months. Now, they're rising again


After more than two months of declining active cases of the coronavirus among Department of Veterans Affairs patients and staff, those cases are beginning to rise again.

Since about the end of July, active cases among VA patients and staff have generally dropped, reaching about 2,400 cases last week. But since Sept. 17, VA recorded more than 500 additional active cases, an about 20.8% increase in less than a week. Active cases are still lower than in August or at the beginning of September but are beginning the climb.

The 2,969 active cases VA recorded Sept. 22 is an about 23% decrease from the more than 3,800 active cases this time last month, and a more than 50% drop from the more than 6,000 active cases on July 22, when cases were peaking at the department.

Though the number of patients actively sick with the coronavirus had been declining, it's still more than twice the number of active cases it had when the department hit a low point of about 1,252 on June 3.

VA has recorded 58,230 total COVID-19 cases so far during the pandemic, adding about 10,000 cases in the last month and more than 2,100 cases in the last week. That total includes active cases and those considered "convalescent," patients who are either recovering at home or who have gone more than 14 days since they tested positive. At the current rate, VA could reach 60,000 total cases by October.


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