Thursday, September 5, 2019

Birth Defect Research for Children - August Newsletter

Dear Birth Defect News Readers,
For 37 years, Birth Defect Research for Children has been there for you: We have provided all parents with free information about their child's birth defects. We have helped families connect with each other through our Parent Matching Program. We have prevented birth defects through  the Healthy Baby  Resource. We have helped veterans of Vietnam and the Gulf War learn if their children's birth defects and disabilities are linked to wartime exposures. We have helped communities investigate toxins linked to birth defects. We have sponsored the only National Birth Defect Registry that collects information on all kinds of birth defects (structural and functional) and the health, genetic and exposure histories of both parents. The registry now has 10,000 cases.
Now we need your help. Funding for environmental health research is disappearing and our organization is struggling to continue all our services.
We are supported totally by public donations and some small grants. We need your donations to keep on doing the work we have done for nearly 40 years.
Just click on THIS LINK and go to our donate page. We appreciate any gift you can make.
Also, we are pleased to announce we have opened our more than 100 fact sheets to be downloaded without having to fill out any form. You can see them here.
With my appreciation,
Betty Mekdeci
Executive Director
976 Lake Baldwin Lane Suite 104
Orlando FL 32814

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