Tuesday, November 1, 2016


A case has been won in the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims in which a veteran was denied service-connection for Parkinson’s disease due to herbicide exposure at Fort McClellan, Alabama. The VA acknowledged that  “facility-wide” use of herbicides at Fort McClellan.
Parkinson's disease is associated with herbicide exposure, but the VA denied service connection stating the Veteran's exposure was "routine."  The Court found the Board had no basis in law to deny benefits to a Veteran simply because the application of herbicides was "routine."  The Court reversed the Board’s decision, meaning VA must award the Veteran service connection for Parkinson’s disease.
This is the first Court reversal of a Board decision for a Fort McClellan herbicide exposure case.  This ruling has the potential to impact the outcomes of other Fort McClellan-Veteran herbicide exposure cases.

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