Monday, December 29, 2014

Fort Ord Clean-Up
For the past few years the Department of Defense has been closing US military bases because they say they are downsizing. In reality the real reason is because the bases are so contaminated with all the WMDs and toxic waste that they generated and then dumped them into land fills. The well water that we were allowed to drink and soil is toxic.
As the Department of Defense pulls up their tent stakes and bugs out they leave the mess for the state or host country to clean up. Fort Ord California is a good example of this. Because of all the target practice that went on at the gun ranges the base is highly contaminated with lead residue.
Recent documentation surfaced showing that Agent Orange had been warehoused there and that traces of 2-4-5 T dioxin had been found in soil samples that were taken there.
If you were stationed at Fort Ord and have had health issues such as skin rashes or or certain types of cancer, it could be directly associated to your exposure while stationed there.
The attachment below may have the information you need to prove your claim for benefits with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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