Tuesday, September 9, 2014

North Carolina: What effect will herbicide have?

Letter to The Editor:
Seeing films and videos of Vietnam, I have seen the devastation and long-term effects that occurred when America used Agent Orange and destroyed the forests and jungles of Vietnam to aid our war effort by taking away the hiding places of the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Army.
Many of our soldiers have suffered long-term health issues, along with citizens of Vietnam, because of this deadly chemical.
Imagine my horror to see that a large portion of my property had been sprayed with a chemical so strong that it kills trees and any other living foliage that it comes in contact with. One day my property is green and beautiful, and the next, it is dead.
This was the result of a new program by South River EMC to save money. Instead of having a trimming crew to keep tree limbs from coming near power lines, they have decided to kill anything that is growing on the right of way with a chemical spray.
My neighbors and I were never sent a letter or notified that our property would be sprayed or given notice about when it would occur so we could protect our animals and ourselves.
I am concerned about what the long-term effects will be to us and also to our water supply and to our health.
We are now forced also to look every day at the ugliness of our once beautiful landscape because our electric company wants to make more money.
Wayne T. Bone
Linden, NC

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