Monday, August 25, 2014

SIGN THIS PETITION! - Release all of the US Navy ship names that carried or housed Agent Orange

For over 50 years our veterans have been dying from the side effects of the herbicide called Agent Orange, with next to little or no help from the Department of Veterans Affairs simply because the Department of the Navy and DOD will not release the information of the ships that carried Agent Orange.
Every few years the Department of the Navy and DOD release a few names of the ships that carried Agent Orange, but by that time there's already been several service members who have been killed by Agent Orange. My father is dying from a rare heart condition that can only be caused by www.gofundme/myoung and we desperately need the funds for medical equipment ( Medical bed lifts shower stand wheelchair in-house nursing ect.) and medical care. On that matter no US Navy aircraft carrier has been added to the Agent Orange list to this day. It is beyond time for The Department of the Navy and Department of Defense to release the names of the ships, so our veterans can get the care that they desperately need and have rightfully earned. DEMAND change and DEMAND integrity and honor from our government! We can use all the help we can at Please sign my petition to hold our government accountable for our veterans who have been grossly neglected. Please help me help the thousands of US Navy veterans who do not have a fundraiser or a advocate and who are dying right now.
Agent Orange, which includes several side effects. My father has experienced strokes, heart attack, heart condition, blindness, and multiorgan failures. This is just what my father has experienced there are many many more side effects. As you can imagine the medical bills for dealing with this is staggering, currently we are over a million dollars in debt and counting with no help from the VA because my father is not service connected because his ship ( The USS Oriskany ) has not been added to the Agent Orange list. We do you have a fundraiser for my father at

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