Saturday, September 1, 2012

Project Agent Orange Poetry Blog poetry to empower Agent Orange victims

Chemicals, Dirt and Rainwater

A Poem by Devlin De La Chapa

He stood amidst the fields of foreign crops
like a statue frozen in time-
as his body remains, his mind
rewinds present to past,
the past, pitch black darkness
and it’s raining inconsistently, but in
the present, the sun is consistent,
shining down bright over his obscurity;
he’s a beautiful man, a broken man,
a man raped by the ill politics of one
country’s hunger to save everything,
and everyone, for a country fighting
amongst their own pillars of division;
the piper cub flying over the foreign fields
dispenses his soul, and he becomes
a multi hue of Agent Orange liquescence,
and his ignorance dries like a Monsanto fragrance
of cologne enriched of chemicals, dirt and rainwater

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