Wednesday, June 13, 2012

CBS Charlie Rose investigates "Agent Orange Corn"

Farmers, executive chefs, the food industry and even Vietnam Veterans are speaking out about a farming chemical called 2,4-D, which has gained the name "Agent Orange Corn" by critics. CBS This Morning's anchor Charlie Rose and Sharyl Attkinson, a CBS investigative journalist, looked at the issue from crop to table today and found that although Dow Chemical, the maker of 2, 4-D, says the herbicide is safe and thoroughly tested, there are concerns from all sides of the issue. The moniker, Agent Orange Corn and even the official name of the herbicide, "Enlist," gives some indication of the level of controversy.

Over the years, genetically modified corn fields have become increasingly resistant to weeds after repeated use of herbicides, hence the introduction of a new weed killer, 2, 4-D. The chemical is a component once used in the chemical Agent Orange that was sprayed as a jungle defoliant in Vietnam. Repeated studies show that those exposed to the chemical have increased risk of cancer and numerous other health problems.

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