Monday, April 16, 2012

We Petition the Obama Administration to:

INVESTIGATE FULLY WITH TESTIMONY FROM VETERANS ON THE USE OF AGENT ORANGE HERBICIDES ON GUAM AND ADD GUAM TO AO LOCATION We petition the Obama administration: Investigation for Full Disclosure of Where and When Agent Orange Herbicides were used Outside of Vietnam to Include Guam This petition is for a full investigation into all of the locations where agent orange herbicides were used and when they were used. Because of destroyed military records for routine base maintenance, any documentation was lost. Because of the importance of this issue affecting veterans and their families plus future generations of Americans, this petition should be given the highest priority within the Whitehouse staff. This petition can coincide with Senator Gillibrand's investigation into Agent Orange herbicide use and HR2634 VICTIMS OF AGENT ORANGE. here to sign the petition Created: Apr 14, 2012!/petition/investigate-fully-testimony-veterans-use-agent-orange-herbicides-guam-and-add-guam-ao-location/HCFmr7Yj?

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