Friday, January 27, 2012

Dow Chemical Company proposes rule in the Federal Register allowing 2,4-D genetically modified corn

Dow Chemical Company has proposed a rule in the Federal Register that would allow 2,4-D genetically modified corn.
Let us look at some factors on 2 ,4-D.
First of all, 2,4-D has been found to be toxic in many animal studies. Second, there is suggestive evidence that 2,4-D may be carcinogenic to humans. A prime example is the cases of non Hodgkins Lymphoma.
This is also true in Parkinsons disease. (See TANNER, et al, Archives of Neurology, vol 66 (9), p. 1106-1113, 2009 Third,) 2,4-D composed half of the deadly herbicide Agent Orange in Vietnam. Fourth, the chemical industry claims that the deadly dioxin (TCDD), which was contained in Agent Orange, is not contained in 2,4-D. However, studies from Germany and Australia suggest that trace amounts of TCDD has been found in 2,4-D.
One fact is sure and that is that 2,4-D does contain other less toxic dioxins as outlined by EPA. The other half of Agent Orange, which was 2,4,5-T has been banned for many years. I think it is time to ban 2,4-D not get the product near food. To get 2,4-D near food is a slap in the face to Vietnam Veterans.

Faithfully submitted.
George Claxton

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