Monday, October 3, 2011

Veterans keep waiting for their just rewards
Cathryn Currie of St. Lucie West is sick of waiting.

She has spent the past two years going back and forth with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs over disability payments for her Vietnam veteran husband's service-related illnesses.

Sadly, her husband, Tech. Sgt. William C. Currie, couldn't wait anymore.

He died in January, suffering from dementia, prostate cancer and Parkinson's Disease that the VA agreed in 2010 were a result of his exposure to the herbicide Agent Orange during two tours in Vietnam.

Over the past two years, his widow has amassed a mountain of paperwork relating to the claim, and the VA keeps asking for the same information over and over, she said.

"Are they waiting for me to die, too?," Currie, 77, wonders. She calls the VA's Pension Maintenance Center in Philadelphia "a broken-down business."


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