Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Agent Orange Day - August 10th - TAKE ACTION ON FACEBOOK

In honor of the millions of people affected by Agent Orange around the world, Make Agent Orange History is running a Facebook badge campaign in which we encourage our followers and friends to change their profile pictures and stand in solidarity with those who have been touched by the toxic chemical.

Please go to http://makeagentorangehistory.org/stand-together-on-agent-orange-day/

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  1. " Specifically, the Plan proposes five key areas of action:
    •To improve the lives of Vietnamese with disabilities.
    •To contain and clean up dioxin at three priority ‘hot spots’.
    •To set up a modern dioxin testing laboratory in Vietnam.
    •To foster programs training the Vietnamese in the restoration and management of damaged landscapes.
    •To educate the U.S. public on the issue."

    Now heres my 2c worth and a novel idea. JUST SAY NO ! $ 300,000,000. WOW ! All taxpayer money. Excuse my ignorance but why don't they just chase their Communist Regime in Vietnam? Let them provide the 300Mil.
    Will somebody please inform these ill advised Vietnamese that they have to do more than coming and asking us to foot the bill when our own guys & gals are waiting years for what they have earned by Law.