Thursday, July 7, 2011

Agent Orange Comes Home to Roost

by Ed Mattson
Background research with help from Harold Saive - Veterans For Peace Chapter 136

Many know me as a writer and a volunteer with the National Guard Bureau of International Affairs State Partnership Program. I am not a “dupe” of Big Government, though politically I am probably to the right of Atilla the Hun. I believe all governments are self-serving and try to rule well beyond their ability and the reason they were elected to office. I also believe governments in general, never intend to have what they legislate turn out all wrong, but it happens far more often than most of us would like.

We are all aware of the asbestos debacle. This was a product that was the best known fire protection/insulation material of its day and was mandated into nearly every building specification, military war ship, and countless other programs and projects to protect against fire. Brake linings of cars and trucks, and thousands of uses turned into nightmares for those who were exposed. The repercussions rocked the manufacturing world as Johns-Manville, the leading manufacturer of asbestos was almost “run-out-of-town-on-a-rail” from class action lawsuits, and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1982. It emerged from bankruptcy in 1988, but was permanently tarnish with creating the product that caused most of the lung related disease, including mesothelioma, many are afflicted with today. Are they really the bad guy here or were they pawns in meeting untested government mandates and specifications? You decide.

The case against Agent Orange, a defoliant manufactured by Dow Chemical and Monsanto, has many similar characteristics for the havoc it has reigned down on the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of military and civilian personnel who were exposed to it in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam era

Major Tự Đức Phang was exposed to dioxin-contaminated Agent Orange during and since the Vietnam War.


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  1. This sounds like what I suspect may have happened at El Toro airbase: (follow the above link to:
    "In February 2011, the Google Earth’s Worldview satellite captured a high resolution image that revealed over 20 drums gathered on the site and in late 2010, witnesses disclosed that TETRA TECH, a company contracted for site clean-up, BEAZER EAST (Koppers), was seen excavating barrels from under the ground on the northern section of the Superfund site. In an apparent attempt to hide these activities witnesses said TETRA TECH used earthen burms and tarps to hide their diggings from enquiring eyes and camera lenses during the excavations. These claims were denied. In an inspection following this event, there was an official finding that, “No drums were found”. This kind of sounds like a cover-up to me."