Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We have until the end of the day on Saturday, April 30th

from Paul Sutton
Vote for the Children's Centers To Study Prenatal Effects of Dioxins

Children's Centers To Study Prenatal Effects of Dioxins

The children of Vietnam veterans are the largest living laboratory for studying the possible adverse reproductive outcomes of their parent(s)' exposures to dioxins. Data collection on thousands of cases of children reported by their parents to the National Birth Defect Registry suggests a pattern of adverse outcomes that includes increases in learning, attention, immune and endocrine disorders. Creating a NIEHS center(s) to study these reproductive outcomes could contribute to a valuable database of knowledge on the reproductive effects of dioxins that would be applicable to exposures in the civilian environment.

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  1. To Betty,

    My name is Sharon. I served in Vietnam. I am wondering if there is any chance you or someone here would help me? I have two sons and I believe, ten granddaughters. My sons will not speak to me but I know that my sons and I believe one of my granddaughters is suffering from the effects of the AO. I ask that someone talk to them. Please.