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George Claxton: Made dioxin his life's work

blogger's note: George Claxton served as Chair of Vietnam Veterans of America National Agent Orange/Dioxin Committee for over a decade. George has one of the most extensive collections of research available on the effects of Agent Orange/Dioxin exposure. He has presented at numerous scientific conferences and is regarded as an expert in the field. You can view an interview with George at

I have read the book titled "Stolen Valor;" it was published in 1998. I noted that the authors never cited any science articles on Agent Orange.

The authors stated that "the only disorder that could be positively linked to Agent Orange was chloracne." However, in 1997 the World Health Organization (IARC), stated that dioxin was a "human carcinogen." One year before "Stolen Valor" was published.

The evidence on cancers was highly suggestive due to studies from Sweden showing strong associations between dioxin bearing herbicides and soft tissue sarcomas. These were published by Dr. Lennart Hardell and Mikael Erickson.

The evidence on paternally mediated birth defects and dioxin compounds is highly suggestive. A study on paternal exposure to chlorophenate wood preservatives in the saw mill industry is quite instructive. Dr. Helen Dimich Ward, et al, stated that "The maximal index of exposure to chlorophenols during the preconception period was positively related to the prevalence of anecephaly or spina bifida in the exposed fathers' progeny." This was published in the Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment and Health, vol. 22, p. 267-273, 1996. Two years before "Stolen Valor" was published.

There are thousands of more studies on the human health affects of Agent Orange/Dioxin and most of them show a bad association. Some of the studies are concerning chemical company workers. A major study was in 1991 published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

I will have a lot more information in the future.

George Claxton

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