Thursday, October 10, 2013

H.R.2519 -- Victims of Agent Orange Relief Act of 2013 Does Not Cover VVA’s Objectives

Does Not Cover VVA’s Objectives
It has come to our attention that Rep.  Lee of California has introduced legislation about Agent Orange.
Although Rep.  Lee’s legislation is meant to help many, it unfortunately does not cover Vietnam Veterans of America’s objectives for American service members and our children, grandchildren, and future generations.
Thank you for your consideration.
Herb Worthington
Chair, Agent Orange and Other Toxic Substances Committee 

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  1. Equality with respect to Veteran dioxin exposure presumption for all Veterans. Many are seniors, some are offspring and spouses, and too many have already died or will die younger than they should! Finish the wars we have at home with the DVA! The DVA needs to live up to its published mission statement. The DVA has the proof in their claims and decision records.

    Dioxins are from Agent Orange / Rainbow - Tactical Herbicides, some PCB's and insecticides. They were used to defoliate / defend perimeter fence lines around bases and TAC sites, prevent fires, hydraulic fluids, electrical equipment, cleaning fluids and to control insects / pests. Currently many vets are not getting these benefits as many exposed units are not listed for many locations, many countries; poor, destroyed, classified and lost records (per DOD). Also found in soil and well water at many U.S. bases. Dioxin is one cause of many medical conditions. The DVA acts like the DOD said all other units not exposed. In many locations and time frames the DVA assumes that units were not exposed or that the vet served there, when the DOD only fails to find the data that confirms exposure or that service occurred, a low priority for the DOD and due poor, lost, classified and missing decades old records.

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