Thursday, November 29, 2012

AGENT ORANGE MAN (Better Living Through Chemistry)

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  1. It is amazing that America is being poisoned by its own Government's malfeasance and "WE THE PEOPLE" are allowing this to go on and on. Congress wants to take away our guns (I think that they should outlaw assault weapons and armor piercing bullets) because they kill people but the same Congress that claims to worry about us has let us all be poisoned by the TOXIC WASTE they are not and have not cleaned up after more than twenty years. Tell your neighbors, family, and tell your friends that they need to do more than talk about the TOXIC WASTE problem here in America. Tell them that AGENT ORANGE and other chemicals left behind by our own military are causing many of the health problems the American population is inflicted with. Autism, Alzheimer’s, Cancer, and many other diseases are a direct and indirect result of these toxins. The US Government is now paying for cleanup of Agent Orange in Vietnam, as we should, and it is mind boggling to me that we are not cleaning up the toxic mess here in the USA. Agent Orange is not just a problem for those individuals exposed but the damage caused to DNA of all animals, humans, and plants cause generations of mutations much like your worst nightmare after seeing an apocalyptic horror or Si Fi movie, but it is a real nightmare!
    Copy this letter and send it to your Congress persons and send it to anyone you can contact.
    If you know anyone who was ever stationed at Chanute AFB let them know that Chanute is and was a toxic superfund site that the Government has not even started to cleanup since Chanute was closed in 1993. Have them read this EPA websites information: