Friday, February 24, 2012

A Plea for Help

I have a son and he was diagnose with Kliensfelters Syndrome. There is absolutely no history of this problem in both my wife's and my families. Can this be caused by agent orange or the drinking water problem at Camp Lejeune . I was stationed at Lejeune December 1967 to Feburary 1969.

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  1. have you contacted a birth defect research facility? My sisters and I have Chiari malformation, plus a number of other problems associated with the brain. From what I read about your sons condition, it sounds like it is, his chromosomes are not right,because the agent orange messed yours up. My family had to break the Chiari down to spina bifida before the gov't recognized it, and that was only for me, they deny my sister. hope this helps...keep up the fight, you deserve whats due to you...answers!