Friday, August 12, 2011

Hatfiled Consultants Report

from Dr. Wayne Dwernychuk, Hatfield Consultants.
Hatfield Consultants has now provided, for download, the recently released report on its Agent Orange studies at the Bien Hoa airbase. The document may be accessed at:

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  1. VA and the VA Appeals Courts continues to deny AO exposure for people like me with recurring liposarcoma (been gutted due to numerous surgeries), permanent Peripheral Neuropathy (numb left arm/hand, both legs & now right hand), Graves Disease and IHD because the cancer didn't happen within 1 year of discharge.

    I was exposed on Johnston Island 9jI)in 1972/72 after 1.37 mil gals of AO was moved to JI in Apr 1972. I have documents that proved 8990 55-gal drums were leaking, then moved to an open pit 75' x 100' for redrumming. Then hurricane Celeste hit the island in Aug 72. I arrived in Nov 72 and you could smell the AO every where. Testing showed water contamination and in the fish we ate.
    The island is still so contaminated, it's off limits. There was also asbestos, plutonium fallout, and leaking nerve & mustard gas containers.

    VA Appeals Court just stated: Not Service Connected for Agent Orange diseases (wonder where I got the diseases from?)...

    Paul T...