Friday, August 12, 2011

from George Claxton

There is no question that dioxin causes problems in the thyroid gland. A brand new study has just been released that illuminates this toxicity. The title of the study is "The possible roles of environmental factors and the aryl hydrocarbon receptor in the presence of thyroid diseases in Vietnam era veterans". This study is published in the journal "Current Opinion in Endocrinology and Diabetes", in press, August 5, 2011. The authors are S. W. Spaulding, et al.

The summary of the study is as follows: "The balance between Treg, Th 17 and Th 22 cells disrupted by TCDD, resembling what has been found clinically in Graves disease and Hashimoto thyroiditis, and in animal models of these diseases. By altering the immune balance in susceptible individuals, chronic TCDD exposure may influence the prevalence of autoimmune thyroid diseases".

The evidence speaks for itself.

Faithfully submitted,

George Claxton


  1. George, Could you provide the link to that study, thanks

  2. Is there a link to this study online?

  3. "The evidence speaks for itself." G. Claxton

    On dioxin problems..............The US Government has made it it's Mission & Vision to deny the effects(sp) of deadley dioxins on those of us who served in Vietnam and, were exposed to it. Thank's Uncle Sam !

  4. VA won't use the Thyroid proof to help any Vet.

    VA and the VA Appeals Courts continues to deny AO exposure for people like me with recurring liposarcoma (been gutted due to numerous surgeries), permanent Peripheral Neuropathy (numb left arm/hand, both legs & now right hand), Graves Disease and IHD because the cancer didn't happen within 1 year of discharge.

    I was exposed on Johnston Island 9jI)in 1972/72 after 1.37 mil gals of AO was moved to JI in Apr 1972. I have documents that proved 8990 55-gal drums were leaking, then moved to an open pit 75' x 100' for redrumming. Then hurricane Celeste hit the island in Aug 72. I arrived in Nov 72 and you could smell the AO every where. Testing showed water contamination and in the fish we ate.
    The island is still so contaminated, it's off limits. There was also asbestos, plutonium fallout, and leaking nerve & mustard gas containers.

    VA Appeals Court just stated: Not Service Connected for Agent Orange diseases (wonder where I got the diseases from?)...

    Paul T...

  5. This is very nice one and gives in depth information, thank you for sharing your thoughts and time into the stuff you post.

  6. Have a friend who is suffering with blood clots in his lungs and was exposed BIG time to AO in Viet Nam. VA rep is saying unless he can come up with LOTS of others (also VN vets) who are suffering from the same ailment he (the rep) won't even approach the VA with his (my friends)problem. Any help you can give us will be greatly appreciated. A. Storm

  7. Have a friend who is suffering with blood clots in his lungs. He was exposed BIG time to AO in Viet Nam. His VA rep has told him that he (the rep) will not approach the VA with my friends problem unless my friend can find LOTS of other Viet Nam vets with the same problem. Any help you can give us will really be a blessing. A. Storm