Monday, May 23, 2011

Faces of Agent Orange

Amy King-Applewhite

Sheila Clement

Robert Cummings

Arthur Dekoff

Mike Demske

Msgt LeRoy Foster

The Hansens

The Holybees

Gary Jones

Sharity Keith-Reichard

James May

Linda May

Betty Mekdeci

The Morrises

Sharon Perry

The Petroskys

The Snyders

Dana Dupuis Theriot

Tommy Thornton

Dennis Whalen

Jim Whitworth

The Worthingtons

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  1. Can anyone help? Does anyone know what was used at a herbicide at Camp Pendleton between 1966-1972? My husband was a heavy equipment operator during those years and remembers the foliage being sprayed and he having it all over him while driving trucks. He was diagnosed with myxoidchondrosarcoma the same month another of his Marine buddies died of the exact same disease - his oncologist(s) have said that this is a one in a trillion (?) chance for two of them to come down with same disease and actually have known each other and been in the same areas. We are trying to find out if anyone knows anything or can tell us where to find information.