Saturday, February 12, 2011

Agent Orange Fast Track Claim Filing

After a 60-day congressional review of the regulation expired October 30, the VA began processing claims for disability compensation and healthcare for the new Agent Orange presumptive conditions. According to a recent news release, the VA said it had decided more than 28,000 of the claims in the first six weeks of processing.

The VA's website states that, through February 7 2011, the VA had granted 33,193 claims based on the new Agent Orange presumptive conditions, with the average award being $18,709. The VA states that it has paid approximately $621 million in retroactive compensation to Veterans.

Features of the Website

The Fast Track Claims Processing System has several features to support your claim for disability compensation. These features are limited based on whether you have logged into the website or are viewing the publicly accessible website.

These features can be categorized as supporting the following capabilities:

Becoming a Registered User

Applying for Benefits

Providing Evidence

Viewing Progress on the Claim

Using the Website


  1. What about those who were exposed to AO in Canal Zone Panama and other countries?
    Are they not veterans? Are they any less deserving? Is there pain and suffering not important? Do morality limited to Vietnam Vets only?

  2. ihave applied for disabillity for ischemlc heart disease thru fast track which it been a year and having heard nothing,what happen to three months that they tell you it take do yall have any answed

  3. Yes, I've been chronically ill since being stationed in Panama, for 30 years! Ms. Kerr Napier

  4. well my claim started on the fitst of oct 2010 and i have heard nothing.

  5. Served on a Seabee detachment, MCB 4, at Summit Communications Station in 1972 into 1973. We sprayed defoliant to kill the tall jungle grass and used dozers to clear jungle and used bobtail tank trucks to spray it and erected antennas and communication towers. Have prostate cancer, heart valve repair and atrial fibrillation. I can't even be accepted by VA for Agent Orange Registry.