Monday, November 5, 2018

Vets Exposed to Agent Orange May Get Help From SCOTUS

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed today to review a case that could eventually make it easier for veterans exposed to Agent Orange to obtain benefits.
The court said it would take a look at a 2017 ruling finding that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit didn’t have the authority to review 2016 changes by the Department of Veterans Affairs to the Agent Orange Act of 1991.


  1. I was sprayed with Agent Orange on April 1968 @ Camp Rockpile 0300, while on guard duty! I wrote a letter to Veteran Affairs in Milwaukee, WI shortly after being discharged from USMC (April 1970), expressing the above mentioned incident. Several weeks later, I received a letter from the Dept. of Veteran Affairs stating that they had contacted the DOD which had records of all sprayings in Vietnam. They were able to confirm that "YES" @ that time Camp Rockpile's perimeter of trees and shrubs had been sprayed! Three hours later after coming off of guard duty, I asked my boss if I could change from my damp utilities into some dry ones before going on our daily resupply run to Dong Ha. "He said, "NO" Private - get your a-- in the truck right now, because we are going to be leaving shortly! If you have time after you get back from the convoy, you'll be able to take a shower and change utilities at that time." After inhaling the fumes and wearing that dioxin for 13 1/2 hours, we got back from Dong Ha with supplies. After seeing Neurologists for tests & exams at Zablocki VA Hospital in Milwaukee for 11 years and knowing that I was exposed to Agent Orange Dioxide, they denied that they could see any symptoms of me having been sprayed. 49 years after being sprayed, I went to a NON-VA Neurologist @ Aurora Medical Hospital in West Allis, WI where the Dr. gave me pin prick tests which diagnosed that I had peripheral neuropathy really bad in both of my legs! He prescribed for me to take Zymbalta twice a day for life to get some relief.

  2. In vietnam1965 uss Galveston clg-3 June tru nov
    Firing over 4700 6” rounds , night ops,two major ops Starlite an phrinha help pickup an rescue down pilots boarded search small boats in Tonkin gulf destroyed a lot of enemy,celebrated 18th birthday there!
    Now fighting the after effects of this ungrateful conflict any help in determining the devasting effects of this self inflicking chemical on us I as well as the rest of the BWN vets in this conflict would be greatly appreciated what you can do!
    D A Dean