Monday, April 16, 2012


Greetings!You can help us continue to provide parent information, education, support services, parent networking and gift bags for families of newborns with birth defects and research through the National Birth Defect Registry. From April 21-May 12th, Birth Defect Research for Children will be offering Blossoms for Babies, packets of seeds for butterfly gardens for a $2.00 donation. These are a wonderful gift to tuck into a Mother's Day card. We need volunteers to help raise funds with Blossoms for Babies through contacting friends, family, church or social groups or asking a local merchant if you can set up a booth for a day.
If you can help, please for more information.
Sincerely, Betty Mekdeci
Mother's Day for BabiesBlossoms for Babies Butterlies The most wonderful gift you can give any mother is a healthy baby. Funds raised from Blossoms for Babies help to support the National Birth Defect Registry recently described by the Director of the EPA "as the type of effort needed to make linkages between environmental exposures and birth defects". Help us find the answers to birth defects that could be prevented by joining the national effort to make this Mother's Day a tribute to having healthier babies. You can order butterfly garden seeds for yourself on-line through our donation link (there is a $10 minimum for online donations). Or you can contact us for a Blossoms for Babies donation package and help us raise funds by offering seeds in your community.
Where & WhenApril 21-May 12Your HometownContact or call 407-895-0802 for more information about how you can help. If you would like to order seeds for yourself right now, send your name, address, number of seed packets along with a check for $2.00 per packet to Birth Defect Research for Children, 976 Lake Baldwin Lane, Suite 104, Orlando FL 32814. If you would like to charge your Blossoms for Babies online DIRECT DONATION and write the number of seed packets you want to order in the information box. There is a minimum $10 donation for online charges. Thank you for your continued support of Birth Defect Research for Children.

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