Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vietnam 56 Billion VND Raised for AO Victims

Associations of Agent Orange (AO) victims in 50 cities and provinces across the country have collected 56 billion VND during the Action month for Vietnamese AO victims.

Of the total, the AO victims sponsor fund spent nearly 49 billion VND on supporting 188,669 victims with a wide range of activities.

Part of the money was used to provide free health care check-ups and medicine for victims in remote areas and health insurance books for poor victims.

Besides, the fund provided orthopedic surgeries and rehabilitation treatment for 1,971 patients. A total of 2,743 wheelchairs and supporting devices were also handed to the victims.

Meanwhile, over 23 billion VND was used to assist 34,234 victims in developing their business.

The fund has found individuals and organisations to provide regular allowances ranging from 150,000-500,000 VND a month for 1,979 victims.

Those suffering from AO effects in high areas were provided with savings books and blankets, mosquito-nets, clothes and household utensils.

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