Friday, June 11, 2010

Gagetown in New Brunswick - Agent Orange compensation deadline Sept. 17

Agent Orange compensation deadline Sept. 17

Fri. Jun 11 - 7:33 AM

People who worked at or lived near CFB Gagetown in New Brunswick more than 40 years ago have a little time left to apply for Agent Orange-related compensation.

Veterans Affairs Canada bureaucrat Barry Gallant said all information must be in by Sept. 17. Gallant also told the pro­vincial veterans affairs committee Thurs­day that there is no authorization for payments after Oct. 1.

Ottawa announced a compensation program in 2007 for people who worked at or lived within five kilometres of the New Brunswick military base in 1966 or 1967.

The federal compensation is $20,000.

Gallant said 618 Nova Scotians have sub­mitted applications and 396 have been approved. Two are in progress and the rest were declined.


  1. i had played hockey with a teacher fron New BRUNSWICK and went to see him a few years ago.he had been a phys ed teacher and when i was there he got tired very easily,with no strength,or energy.he was forced to quit his job because of his illness.he told me the cause was cutting brush when he was young where agent orange had been sprayed

  2. This is peoples health we are talking about ,there should never be a time limit put on agent orange> This is the first I heard of this,I was taken fishing in the river and camping there we picked apples and blueberrys there.I also played in the water with my sisters.

  3. My sister is in hospital as i speak suffering with multiple cancers .Her family is finding it hard. We lived in Gagetown .PMQ's until 1971 so we spent our early childhood there being affected .She was just diagnosed befor christmas so there should be no time limit!