Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Vietnam Veteran Wives


I would like to “Welcome” the newest member of VVW, Eileen Perkins. Mrs. Perkins' husband, a combat Vietnam veteran, recently passed away from a glioblastoma. Like many of us, who have lost their husbands, know the frustration of why the VA has not accepted this ailment as a service connected disability. She has offered her services, as a liaison, to record other’s who have lost their loved one to a glioblastoma.

Sometimes it takes the “numbers” for the VA to recognize a sickness is due to Agent Orange/Dioxin so it can be accepted and awarded as a service connected disability.

VVW is asking all those who wish to join in the fight to get this service connected, and have either lost or presently have a loved one who has this ailment, to please contact Mrs. Perkins.

She can be contacted by clicking here.



  1. My husband passed away from prostate cancer & liver cancer related to exposure from Agent Orange. He was only receiving the disability from the VA for approx 8 months. My benefits have been denied base on the information that he was not collecting the disability for 10 years. Who with liver cancer or prostate cancer lives for 10 years. Now I may lose my house because my husband fought for this country of which resulted in him losing his life after he was discharged. And all I get for his sacrifice is "thank you". Now I am left out in the cold.

  2. time to get a bunch of dead beat politicans off their dead asses to work...thom paca

  3. why is there a rule that says a wife must wait 10 yrs in order to get that money that she is entitled to...putting up with a Vietnam Vet is not a "cake walk" for the medical issues these ladies endure...Pat Barr

  4. I was married to AIR Force, Ranch Hand" in Danang
    Now they are cleaning up the very area where they told my late husband, go swiming, eat and drink. Don't wear protective clothing. He died of heart attack. 5 blockages, since 1989, DOD/
    01/18/2012. They took the home without letting me get my personal things. died in Jan, buried in Feb, put lock on house mid march. our payments were up to Jan,2012. Still took house. i am now homeless. Grown sons don't want to deal with me. I'm not a bad person, just alot of medical problems. 60yrsold. Can't get anyone to file clam. Called and called many many org. Never return calls. Attorneys, VSO's Claim's rep.
    I'm trying to do it myself. Got a book, one step at a time. I am currently in Fredericksburg, Va. Can't drive. Many strokes.